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We answer your questions on Nongshim Taekyung.
We want to distribute/consign the production of a product. How do we contact the persons in charge of sales?
Nongshim Taekyung has dedicated sales specialists for each material, product group, and sales partner. Please leave a message on the Voice of Customers with the name of the product, your contact information, and company name, so that our sales specialists can contact you as soon as possible.
The expiration date on the packaging doesn’t match the expiration date of the content.
Products consisting of multiple items are considered as a final product at the sum of these components. Because these components may have different expiration dates, the shortest expiration period is taken as the standard for the expiration date of the final product.
The product has a large packaging, but the contents don’t match up. Isn’t this a form of over-packaging?
Some of our HMR products are packages consisting of individually packed items (rice cake, noodles, spoon, main dish, etc.). If the packaging is made to be smaller, the lack of space within the container might end up damaging the packaging. We ask for your understanding.
I purchased a cup product, and the packaging was damaged.
All products manufactured by our company are dispatched after a thorough review. Nevertheless, the packaging may have been damaged during transit through various causes. In such a case, we ask you not to consume the product and take it for exchange or refund to the distributor.
What are the black spots on the rice cakes in Topokki products?
These black spots come from the bran and are safe for consumption.
Why do rice cakes in Topokki products smell like alcohol?
The scent of alcohol in such products come from culinary spirit. Trace amounts of culinary spirit were used to ensure that the rice cakes will be kept safe from contamination during the transit. However, culinary spirit is removed over the course of the cooking process, so it is safe for consumption.
I practice a vegan diet. Are Nongshim Taekyung’s vegan products safe for me to eat?
Nongshim Taekyung has launched the Veggie Garden brand for our vegan customers. To respond to the inquiries of our vegan customers, Nongshim Taekyung has a dedicated customer service representative for vegan inquiries. For more questions, please contact our headquarters call center.
I would like to speak to a customer service representative. How can I reach them?
Customer feedback and complaint can be placed through various media (Internet and telephone). We provide information on telephone inquiries below.

*Customer call center telephone: +82-80-080-8783
*Hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00–18:00
(Lunchtime: 12:00–13:00, closed on weekends and public holidays)