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R&D / Policy

Nongshim Taekyung R&D continues its research efforts to capture the natural taste in a healthier and tastier way using advanced technology and expertise.
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Introducing the Institute of
Science and Technology

  • Nongshim Taekyung R&D leads the Korean food market in its state- of-the-art facilities and expert researchers.

    We focus on developing efficient and effective production technologies based on our knowledge and experience, as well as customer-oriented solutions and safe products.

    백그라운드 영역
    농심태경 연구소 설비 이미지 Biz 솔루션 이미지 배너
  • 제품 이미지 이미지 배너

    Nongshim Taekyung Institute of Science and Technology handles a wide range of food products,

    from B2B products like extracts, sauces, and powdered seasonings, to B2C products like health functional foods and HMR.

    백그라운드 영역
  • Basic Research
  • Application
  • Analysis


HACCP certifications for all food products manufactured by Nongshim Taekyung
ISO integrated certification for the entire company(Anseong Plant, Daegu Plant, Headquarters)

안전관리인증 HACCP 식품의약품안전처 ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 45001
  • SQF

    안성공장 SQF 인증서
    Anseong Plant
    대구공장 SQF 인증서
    Daegu Plant

    KOSHER 인증서

    KMF HALAL 인증서
    MUI HALAL 인증서
  • GMP

    안성공장 GMP 인증서
    Anseong Plant

    Vegan Society
    Vegan Society
  • DQMS

    DQMS 인증

Quality Policy

  • 품질방침 01
    1 Provide the best quality of services for customer satisfaction
  • 품질방침 02
    2 Supply safe food for customer health and happiness
  • 품질방침 03
    3 Provide systematic management through quality management systems
  • 품질방침 04
    4 Elevate quality through constant improvements
  • 품질방침 05
    5 Satisfy the required ethical, legal, and quality goals

Environmental policy

  • 환경방침 01
    1 Realizing social values through eco-friendly management activities
  • 환경방침 02
    2 Faithful observance of environmental laws and internal standards
  • 환경방침 03
    3 Call for environmental improvement to reduce environmental waste and resources
  • 환경방침 04
    4 Efforts to minimize environmental impact and protect surrounding ecosystems in the production process
  • 환경방침 05
    5 Enhancement of trust in local communities through transparent disclosure of environmental information

Safety and Health Policy

  • 환경방침 01
    1 Business management with safety and health as the top priority
  • 환경방침 02
    2 Sincere observance of safety and health-related laws and internal standards
  • 환경방침 03
    3 Pursuing continuous improvement to eliminate hazardous risk factors
  • 환경방침 04
    4 Establishment of a safety culture by internalizing safety and health awareness