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CI 상단배너


Nongshim Seed as represented in a symbolic mark is what symbolizes Nongshim itself. It’s a belief that, as you sow, so shall you reap.
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The symbolic mark of Nongshim is called
“Nongshim Seed.” Seed is an essence of life
in which buds and fruits will come into being.

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Morphological Implication
Two ellipses, inside and outside, represent the agility and flexivility of a company that responds flexibly to changes in the times.
Nongshim Taekyung simbol web image Nongshim Taekyung simbol mobile image

The two ellipses inside and outside the mark symbolize the company's agility and flexibility when responding to change; the former incorporates growth and development, and the latter incorporates the enrichment and stability of Mother Nature. The harmonious integration of the two ellipses implies unity and intimacy between the company, its employees, and customers, and also implies gratitude and honesty. The shape of the mark, where the inside energy appears to be distinctly expressed as the outside, represents our future-oriented vision to become the world’s best.

Nongshim Taekyung logo web image Nongshim Taekyung logo mobile image
  • Minimum Size Conjugate diameter of the outside ellipse shall be at least 4 mm(11 pixels) for the purpose of visibility.
  • Space If the corporate mark is used without its brand signature, a space corresponding to 1/4 of the conjugate diameter shall be secured.

Color System

Red color is Nongshim's business color, which symbolizes the bright and prosperous nature.
  • Nongshim Red
    Rich Nature's Benefits

    RGB223 0 41
  • Nongshim Orange
    Infinite possibilities and tolerance

    RGB236 135 12

A primary red color symbolic of the benefits from a rich and bright nature is our business color.
It's an expression of our efforts to produce products in which human and sincere devotions can be felt.
A secondary orange color symbolic of a warm earth implies its infinite capacity and magnanimity.