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Flavored Oils

Adding value to cooking

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  • Our flavored oils were produced to strengthen the taste of original ingredients and cooking flavors and enhance the general quality of your dishes with just a small amount.
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  • Realizing Flavors

    High-temperature, high-pressure reactions allow us to maximize the flavors of original ingredients to boost the menu’s appeal.
    We realize a variety of cooking flavors, such as grilled, roasted, and smoked, to enhance the flavors of your menu.

Flavored Oil Technology
Flavored Oil Technology - PC Flavored Oil Technology - 모바일 High-temperature, high-pressure reactions to boost flavor and minimize flavor loss
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  • Using Flavored Oils

    Our flavored oils help strengthen the taste and flavor of the menu by improving individual characteristics and taste and masking unwanted flavors at the same time.

  • Taste
    Smoky taste to
    spicy seafood noodle
    soup and other stews

    Flavored Oil Characteristics 01
    Salad and
    pasta dressing

    Flavored Oil Characteristics 02
  • Masking
    odor masking

    Flavored Oil Characteristics 03
  • Flavor
    More flavor for fried
    rice and powdered coating

    Flavored Oil Characteristics 04