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Serving the secrets of taste

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  • Our flavorful sauces from diverse cuisines (Korean, Western, Japanese, and Chinese) are optimized to our customers’ requirements through our high-end facilities, high-quality blending technology, and recipe development.
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  • A Large Database of Recipes

    Our knowledge and experience, which have been accumulated from decades of experience, allow us to deliver optimized sauces to our customers promptly. As such, our facilities are constantly updated to ensure the trustworthiness of our products.

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  • Strengthening Flavors through Blending

    Our high-temperature, high-pressure reactor, high-temperature cooker, and other high-end facilities ensure that our liquid sauces represent the delicate and varied nuances of cooking flavors.

NONGSHIM TK Blending Technology
NONGSHIM TK 블랜딩 기술 이미지 - PC NONGSHIM TK 블랜딩 기술 이미지 - 모바일 High-Temperature, High-Pressure > BLENDING < High-Temperature Cooker
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  • Flavor Consistency

    We introduce high-end electronic nose and tongue facilities to ensure consistent and delicate reproduction of flavors and implement flavor analysis management to strengthen the quality of our products.

Flavor and Taste Consistency Technology
맛과 풍미 일관성 유지기술 이미지 - PC 맛과 풍미 일관성 유지기술 이미지 - 모바일 Electronic Nose, Electronic Tongue