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Powdered Seasoning

Capturing the taste and richness of original ingredients

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  • Nongshim Taekyung’s powder and seasoning products are the culmination of Taekyung’s knowledge and technologies and the guarantor of Nongshim’s taste. Our drying process minimizes loss in taste and helps bring the taste and flavor of original ingredients to the table. Moreover, our advanced powder production technologies and facilities allow us to respond quickly and flexibly to our customers’ requirements.
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  • Flavor-Preserving Drying Process Facility

    Our drying process is optimized according to the characteristics of the ingredients for maximum taste preservation. In particular, zeolite vacuum dryer is a piece of highly valuable machinery that maintains fresh tastes, functions, and flavors of the ingredients. Our production facilities also include a wide range of other techniques, such as vacuum drying, spray drying, microwave vacuum drying, and micromist spray drying, which allow us to optimize our production following our customers’ requirements in an economical manner.

Advanced ZVD Facility
최첨단 ZVD 설비 공정 이미지 - PC 최첨단 ZVD 설비 공정 이미지 - 모바일 Zeolite moisture absorbent, Zeolite Trap System, Ingredients[Aroma Molecules, Water Molecules], Vacuum Pump
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  • Granulation Coating Technology

    It utilizes an advanced granulation process that is optimized according to the characteristics of the ingredients and allows us to produce easily dissolvable, fluid, and consistent granules.

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  • Realizing a Variety of Flavors in Powder and Seasoning

    Carefully chosen ingredients and cutting-edge production technology allow us to replicate flavors from across the world in powdered forms.
    Blending also allows us to offer a wide range of Powder and seasoning from universal tastes independent of trends to leading, groundbreaking tastes.