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Functional Food

Helping create high-value, future-oriented food

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  • Through high-end facilities and future-oriented technologies, Nongshim Taekyung researches environmentally friendly, plant-based materials and natural seasonings to enrich health and taste, as well as improve our customers’ dining habits and lead the future of the food industry.
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  • Flavor Booster(Caramel Coloring Replacement)

    Flavor Booster is designed to be a natural, safe alternative to conventional caramel coloring made with natural materials and high-pressure, high-temperature Maillard reaction. It can be used to enhance the visual and sensory appeal of various beverages, confectionery, and sauces.

    Maillard reaction: A culinary chemical reaction where amino acids and reducing sugar(glucose, fructose, maltose, etc.) react to create a heterogeneous polymer(melanoidin: browning)

Excellence of Flavor Booster
후레바부스터의 우수성 이미지 - PC 후레바부스터의 우수성 이미지 - 모바일 멜라노이딘 Melanoidin : 갈변물질 -> 카라멜 색소 대체 시각적 풍미·관능 UP + 식품 안전성 위해요소 최소화
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  • AMIGA(Flavor Enhancer)

    AMIGA is a natural flavor enhancer made with Mixed Enzyme Hydrolysis System(MEHS). It applies enzymes derived from Aspergillus oryzae, which is responsible for the fermentation process in traditional Korean sauces, toplant-based proteins to create a deep and savory flavor profile from peptides and glutamic acid, and thereby improve the intensity and continuity of various flavors.

The Excellence of AMIGA
아미가의 우수성 이미지 - PC 아미가의 우수성 이미지 - 모바일 Natural Material + High-Quality Fermentation nzymes + Mixed Enzyme HydrolysisSystem(MEHS) = Realizing Flavor Enhancement
AMIGA Utilization
아미가의 활용 이미지 - PC 아미가의 활용 이미지 - 모바일 Various Flavors (Five Tastes) + AMIGA -> Realizing flavor enhancement = Strengthening saltiness -> Reducing sodium, Strengthening sweetness -> Reducing sugar, Strengthening savoriness -> Reducing MSG
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  • AMIGA PLUS(Savoriness Material)

    This seasoning item is derived from the reaction between natural glutamic acid from wheat protein extracts and nucleic acids from enzyme extracts. It can be used to enhance the flavors of noodles, sauces, soups, and many other varieties of food.

AMIGA PLUS Characteristics
    Strong savoriness
    AMIGA PLUS Characteristics 01
    Soups, sauces,
    stews, etc.

    AMIGA PLUS Characteristics 02
    Can be listed as a natural flavoring material
    AMIGA PLUS Characteristics 03
    Meat flavor

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