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Becoming one step ahead of trends

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  • We expand the HMR market’s horizons with products that are always one step ahead of trends. As such, we offer a large variety of menu from snacks to full meals that are all tailored to the rapidly changing dietary practices in contemporary life.
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  • HMR for Customers

    With its long history of excellence in technology, Nongshim Taekyung provides excellent flavors that are well tailored to our customers’ choices and convenience. We offer a vast array of convenient HMR dishes—from soups and stews, to single serving meals for the modern, busy lifestyle.

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  • Convenient Meals in a Cup

    We produce various products, ranging from popular Cup Topokki to soup for a one-meal serving, that come in convenient cup package. A strict weight and content management system allows us to provide stable and reliable products to our customers.

HMR Competitiveness
  • Market-Leading
    Menu Development
    Main and side
    dishes, snacks, etc.
  • Quality and
    Quality management system
    from ingredients to products
  • Diverse
    nstant cup and
    retort facilities