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Dried Flakes

Allowing safe consumption without concerns

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  • Nongshim Taekyung’s dried flakes are made with care in our advanced facilities—maintaining the taste and texture of its quality ingredients. Our patented technologies allow us to produce the finest dried flakes with the color, size, and taste that customers love.
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  • Flake Sorting Technology

    Nongshim Taekyung uses an advanced laser sorter, X-ray, a metallic detector, and wind sorting technologies to maintain the color, form, and safety of our dried flake products. Our competitive and excellent food safety analysis technologies and patented sorting facilities allow us to supply high-quality dried flake products with safety guarantees.

Innovative Dried Flake Sorting Facility
최첨단 후레이크 선별설비 이미지 - PC 최첨단 후레이크 선별설비 이미지 - 모바일 Input, Wind and Magnetic Sorting, Three-Stage Wind Sorting, X-Ray Inspection, Segregation, Laser-Sorter, Packaging
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  • Harmful Ingredient Exclusion Knowledge and System

    Ingredient traceability, standardization of inbound inspection and agricultural product inspection, quality management systems of our partner companies, and Positive List System(PLS) response manuals for residual pesticides in agricultural products allow us to bring safe and good food from their origins to the table.

NONGSHIM TK Total Quality Management(TQM) System
  • Ingredient
    • Ingredient traceability
    • Residual pesticide PLS response system
    • Agricultural product inspection
  • Process
    • One of Korea’s largest dried agricultural product complex sorting system
    • Patented sorting technologies and facilities
  • Product
    • Expert food safety self-analysis capabilities and facilities
    • Supplied product tracking and management system
  • Quality
    • International standard food safety system(HACCP, ISO, etc.) further strengthened
    • Quick export response system(SQF, HALAL, etc.)