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Providing the fundamental basis of cooking

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  • Our extracts realize taste and convenience through high-end automated facilities and expert blending technology. Basic extracts, or direct extracts of food items, serve as bases of all cuisines across the world. Reactive extracts are basic extracts treated with high-temperature, high-pressure processes to add cooking flavor.
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  • Automated System

    Our one-step production process from input to packaging ensures the safety and hygiene of our products. Our evaporator line is one of the largest of its kind in Korea and capable of producing nearly 700t of products each year.

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  • Extraction and Evaporation Technology

    We realize a wide variety of tastes through our double filter/separator technology and fat content control. Homogenization technology also allows us to maintain the integrity and consistency of the colors, flavors, and palates of our stock.

Automated Facility and Processes
자동화 설비 공정 이미지 - PC 자동화 설비 공정 이미지 - 모바일 Filter/Centrifugal Separator, Homogenizer
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  • High-Temperature, High-Pressure Reaction Technology

    We minimize the odor of natural ingredients and bring natural cooking flavors to the table with high-temperature, high-pressure reactions.
    Our basic extracts allow us to deliver the most optimal flavors to our customers from meat products to seafood.