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Veggie garden

Veggie garden Veggie garden Veggie garden
Veggie garden is constantly trying to make more delicious vegetarian dishes.
Veggie garden offers tasty vegan food for everyone to enjoy in everyday life.
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For health and sustainable food, Veggie garden strictly studies vegetable ingredients and makes your consumption worthwhile.
Veggie garden Fragrant Leek Dumplings
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  • Ingredients
    Purified water, V mince [rapeseed oil (Australia), processed bean product 1 (USA), palm oil, plant protein mixture, processed bean product 2], potato rice cake powder {tapioca starch (Vietnam), wheat starch (foreign), potato starch, sugar}, Leek (Korean), etc.
  • Weight
  • tems per Box
  • Expiration Date
    12 months frozen

More delicious vegan dumplings filled with chewy potato skins, meat analogue, and various vegetables

Cholesterol 0%, trans fat 0%