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Veggie garden

Veggie garden Veggie garden Veggie garden
Veggie garden is constantly trying to make more delicious vegetarian dishes.
Veggie garden offers tasty vegan food for everyone to enjoy in everyday life.
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For health and sustainable food, Veggie garden strictly studies vegetable ingredients and makes your consumption worthwhile.
Veggie garden Korean Traditional GRILLED STEAK
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  • Ingredients
    V-MINCE, onions, green onions, garlic, pear puree, pineapple puree, sesame oil, carrots, fermented apple concentrate, cheongyang pepper extract, pepper powder
  • Weight
  • tems per Box
  • Expiration Date
    12 months frozen

Sweet seasoning flavored with nectar such as pears, pineapples, apples etc. In special soy sauce and soft vegetable steak made by finely mincing various.


0% cholesterol, 0% trans fat.