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Veggie garden

Veggie garden Veggie garden Veggie garden
Veggie garden is constantly trying to make more delicious vegetarian dishes.
Veggie garden offers tasty vegan food for everyone to enjoy in everyday life.
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For health and sustainable food, Veggie garden strictly studies vegetable ingredients and makes your consumption worthwhile.
Veggie garden GARIC MAYO
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  • Ingredients
    Garlic juice concentrate, rice vinegar, chickpea powder, quillaia extract, mustard powder, roasted garlic base oil, gardenia yellow food coloring, etc.
  • Weight
    1 kg
  • tems per Box
    10 EA
  • Expiration Date
    6 months in room temperature

A rich mayo sauce made with healthy chickpeas.
Garlic's fragrance and spicy sting added to Veggie garden MAYO.
0% cholesterol, 0% trans fat.